NYU Dormitory

ICCOSS XXIV participants will have the opportunity to select reasonably priced accommodations in the NYU dorms, at a flat rate of $700 for the conference week (Saturday June 15 check-in; Saturday June 22 check-out), for a shared suite with a bath.

Conference dormitory housing for ICCOSS XXIV participants is located at Founders Hall at 120 East 12th Street, in the Union Square/East Village.  Opened to the NYU community in Fall 2009, Founder’s hall is distinguished by the historic façade and fence of the former St. Ann’s church at the building entrance. Founders Hall is less than a 15 minute walk to the conference venues. Numerous cafes line University Place along your walk!

More information on the NYU dorms can be found here.

Hotels at Discounted Rates

The conference organizers have reserved blocks of rooms at a discounted rate at the nearby accommodations:

Washington Square Hotel
103 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10011
Main: 212 777 9515
Contact: Naz, 212-777-9515,
Click here to reserve a discounted room set aside for ICCOSS at Washington Square Hotel.

The Standard, East Village

25 Cooper Square
Bowery and East 5th Street
New York, NY 10003
Main: 212 475 5700
Contact: Xhejn Pulaj, 646-845-8716,
Contact: Valeria Vega, 646-845-8722,
Click here to reserve a discounted room set aside for ICCOSS at the Standard Hotel.

SoHo Grand Hotel
310 West Broadway
New York City 10013
Main: 212.965.3259
Contact: Karina,
Click here to reserve a discounted room set aside for ICCOSS at The SoHo Grand Hotel. 

Other Accommodations

Participants are welcome to explore other accommodations in NYC, from hotels to Airbnb. Room rates in other hotels will vary substantially by location. When booking rooms other than the dorms be aware that the Conference will be located on the NYU Campus in Greenwich Village, near Washington Square Park. If you are considering rooms in other parts of Manhattan or in the other boroughs, you may want to consult the NYC subway map.