Advanced Techniques in X-Ray Powder Diffraction Workshop

You are cordially invited to the X-Ray Powder Diffraction Workshop in the afternoon of June 21 held at the Department of Chemistry, New York University. The workshop focuses on the advanced techniques of powder diffraction, including applications on 2D diffraction, PDF-4 database search, and structure solution and refinement using TOPAS. If you want to improve your knowledge of powder diffraction, you are encouraged to register. In addition, you are welcome to bring your scientific problems for round-table discussions. You can find the workshop schedule at
• The number of attendees in the workshop is limited to 40 (first come, first served).
• Registration is free for ICCOSS attendees and NYU personnel. For others, the registration fee is $200.

Please register by filling out the following form.

Deadline: Friday, May 27, 2019

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